Wedding Gift List and Honeymoon Fund

Chris and Jeanne’s Honeymoon Registry

We really, really wanted to take a real vacation for our honeymoon. To plop our tushes in lounge chairs and sip iced tea under the sun someplace far away from work, laundry, shopping and bills. So we’re registering for a honeymoon!

Here’s how our registry works. Just pick the item you’d most like to give us, or even make up your own. You’ll then be asked to leave your name and any message you have for us. If you like, you can bring or send a card to us on the big day telling us the value of your gift.

We’ll make a point of taking lots of photos of us enjoying your gift and let the everyone know just how much we appreciate it! (You’ll probably get one of those thank-you card-thingies, too!)